Blue-tongued Skinks

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FAMILY: Scincidae
Common Name
*b-t = blue-tongue
Tail:Body Ratio
Tiliquascinoidescommon b-tintermedianorthern b-t30cm /13in
largest skink
.5 – .75
scinoideseastern b-t
occipitalis western b-t30cm/13in.5
multifasciata centralian b-t29cm/11in.5
nigrolutea blotched or southern b-t25cm /10in.5
adelaidensis Adelaide pygmy b-t9cm/4in.67


Appearancerelatively short tails and limbs – tail is shorter than the body;
smooth scales;
tongue is dark blue except for T. adelaidensis which has a pink tongue
Distributionmost regions of Australia have at least one species of blue-tongueT.scinoides intermedianorthern AustT.scinoides scinoidessouthern & south-east AustT.occipitalissouthern AustT.multifasciatanorthern WA, NT, north-west QldT.nigroluteaTasmania, south-east AustT.adelaidensisnear Adelaide, SA
Habitsdiurnal – shelter in tree hollows and in ground debris at night;
threat display involves inflating the body, opening the mouth to expose the tongue, and hissing
Dietplant and animal matter including insects, snails, carrion, flowers, fruit and berries
Reproductionproduce live young in summer:Maximum number of young (from various sources)T.scinoides18, 25T.occipitalis7T.multifasciata10, 12T.nigrolutea10T.adelaidensis4


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