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FAMILY Peramelidae
Isodonshort-nosedauratusGolden Bnorthern golden B, northern golden-backed B, windaru, wintaroo, nyulu
obesulusSouthern Brown Bshort-nosed B, southern short-nosed B, brown B, quenda
macrourusNorthern Brown Bbrindled B, giant brindled B, long-tailed short-nosed B, large northern B
Parmeleslong-nosedgunniiEastern Barred BTasmanian barred B, Gunn’s B, striped B
bougainvilleWestern Barred Bbarred B, eastern barred B, Shark Bay B, WA striped B, SA striped B, NSW striped B, marl, little marl, nyemmel
nasutaLong-nosed Bnone
FAMILY Peroryctlidae (Papua New Guinea bandicoots)
EchymiperarufescensRufous Spiny Bspiny B, rufescent B
By JJ Harrison ( (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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