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Best Way to Sell your Car Fast in Australia


Australia is currently holding one of the biggest car enthusiast community in the whole world, and for that reason, you will see a lot of vehicles in demand around the year and every single day, however, if you own a vehicle, then you will know that there are times when you must sell my car either if it’s to get something better or just because you need the money as soon as possible, selling it won’t be easy at all, and that’s when you start considering what should you do to get everything sold fast when the competence is around everywhere, so why don’t you stay tuned to learn something important.

Best Way to Sell your Car Fast in Australia:

First of all, if you talk about efficiency and selling your vehicle as fast as possible, then forget about doing publicity on different places, social media, or even in things like Craiglist, since you will be pretty much ignored since nothing guarantees you to have success due to the insane amount of competition that is selling exactly the same vehicle that could be even in better condition, so let’s turn down that choice at the beginning.

Your best option will be looking for those businesses that are indeed interested in buying your vehicle for the best price that will benefit both parts, and yes, businesses like these DO exist, and you don’t even have to put too much energy into looking at them. You just have to complete some kind of forms or quotes in their website and then someone from customer service will talk to you and ask some questions about your vehicle.

After that talk, you will need to arrange a date where you and an inspector will meet each other on your property t review your car, and furthermore, after some 1 minutes, the inspector will come with an offer that you could either accept or reject. In case that you accept the offer, the funds will be transferred to your bank account and after that, there is the option that the pick-up truck will come with the inspector at the same moment or you need to arrange another date where someone will pick up your vehicle.

Things to Consider:

Don’t look for the first website that claims to buy vehicles, look for the best one that counts with bigger reviews and a better public acceptance, also, keep in mind that if your vehicle is technically broken then you need to look for the same kind of businesses but instead for the ones that are looking to buy broken vehicles. Finally, keep in mind that you will pretty much need the papers and keys of the vehicle to be able to make a good sale, and also you should go for multiple inspections of other businesses to see who can offer the best money for your vehicle, remember, is something important that you need to give it a good thought.

Benefits of Sydney Drone Photography


Australia is one of those countries that is always looking for ways to expand its technology and scientific discoverments by adjusting them into the regular life of businesses and individuals around the national territory, one great example of this could be drone photography that is used for multiple causes or situations depending on the environment. In Sydney, for example, you can expect to see lots of these drones, especially in the Real Estate business since they offer a great scale of photographs in a lot of situations. However, what is the benefits of drone photography overall? Well, stay tuned to learn more.

Benefits of Sydney Drone Photography:

First of all, you should know that the main benefit of drone photography in Sydney is the fact that you will get a better resolution quality over the drone camera and also let’s not forget the fact that you will be able to take photos in spaces that couldn’t be reached by natural means, however, you need to know that these shots are commonly used in business like Real Estate to make scale maps f a building and also to take a look of the roof for interested customers that are always looking to expand the features of the property.

You will be able to be open for multiple jobs offers if you own a drone that is capable of drone photography, so if you know how to handle it properly and also you know how to take the best possible photos, then it will open a lot of doors in terms of professional experience, so you should start looking and pulling out your skills in the professional environment, it will make the investment a proper one and also you can make a good living out of it.

Finally, you should be able to make a lot of useful appliances and strategies to take a photo with your drone as you might think, the opportunity to take shots from the sky is very unique, and that opens a lot of possibilities for businesses that want to make maps, photos for customers or tourists to make them find the business easier thanks to the shots in the air, or even you could take better promotion photos of the environment or business, since Sydney is considered to be a little messy for tourists, so giving them more options and helping them on their new adventure of discovering, which means that you will have the upper hand against other businesses that don’t know how to express themselves with photographies.

Pawpedics a topnotch Australian company producing pet beds and covers


Are you a pet owner living in Australia? Does your dog have a perfect bed to cope with its comfort? If no, you need not worry about your pets’ comfort anymore, yes Pawpedics an orthopedic product producing company gives you the solution you require. The company’s orthopedic products are available at an affordable rate to the customers. This Australian company produces topnotch, and best orthopedic beds for your dogs to sleep comfortably. The products of the company are tested and well known for their quality since 2019.

No more beds that are ugly and lumpy beds for your pets

Your dogs may become sick if it does not get good sleep due to poor quality pet beds. So, you have to take a little care by selecting only the best bed of Pawpedics. The less priced, supportive, and durable beds are fulfilling your pets’ needs in an exemplary way. These beds of dogs are produced under the supervision of Veterinary experts of the country. Hence, the product is well deserved and gives a perfect life and happiness to your pets.

Why Pawpedic company products are super?

There are a variety of reasons for the customers to choose Pawpedics company products without hesitation. The following are the main reasons

  • The breathable natural latex features of beds are enticing many customers so that their pets sleep peacefully every time without any disturbance. These beds give good support by relieving joint pressure and also neutralizes odors.
  • The bed design of the company is unique and state of the art in terms of quality and function. The different sizes of beds in the store help you to pick the best one that matches your dog sizes. The ultimate comfort is assured to your pets in your home.
  • Asides from pet beds, Orthopaedic Pet Bed Covers of Pawpedics is another quality product for your pets. The durable and high resistant properties of the pet covers are major highlights to the customers when they shop
  • The covers are easy to wash, non-toxic, and scratch proof. Also, the tear and pilling resistance properties of the covers add value to the customers’ shopping at the store.
  • The Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties are other positive features of covers purchased by the dog owners

The above features and advantages of beds and covers of Pawpedics orthopedic products make the dog sleep continuously and comfortably. The positive reviews of the customers about these products are found on the internet for other customers.

How To Buy Pop Vinyl Online


Pop Vinyl figures have impressed people over the past few years. Many iconic figures have been selling fast to a growing fan base. The fans want to see how to buy pop vinyl australia online and that is a good bet to make. The project is sure to win over fans who want to collect the items. Buy Pop Vinyl online and secure a figure that will stand up to any test. They are both durable and long lasting for the avid collector. True fans will want to have a figure in their house at some point in time as well. Trust the brand name maker to see how the figure will stand up to the test for people as well.

The first step will be finding the right seller for the new purchase. Buy Pop Vinyl online and find a seller that is reputable with most people. The quality of the figures cannot be understated by those who buy them. The chance to buy online should be appealing to a lot of people today. The next step is a purchase order that is now made much easier. Buying online is a good deal easier than some people might think. The project is a great concept and people want to get involved as soon as possible. Buy Pop Vinyl online is a great option that people can pursue on their own time too.

Remember to read the reviews and place the right order for the items. The reviews can direct people towards the best purchase now available. The project is going forward in a few select ways as well. The reviews can suggest which sellers are waiting for a deal today. The project is hailed as a lasting achievement that people want to pursue. The reviews are worth a new look and that is a big help to the buyers. The project has worked and people want to follow the project as they see fit. The new reviews can help the market in several unique ways. The reviewers will be given a chance to offer their feedback as well.

The price tag to buy pop vinyl online is a good option. The prices are set by the seller and will be a good deal. The project is well worth a chance for those that are interested. See about the new shipping and handling fees that are added for the online orders.

Melbourne Outdoor Blinds- Get An Attractive Option For Your Home


Spending time outdoors is considered as the best way of enjoying and relaxing with your family and friends so that you will love every elements of nature. But for getting a memorable experience, you will need to make sure that your outdoors is protected from all kind of weather conditions. This is the reason why you will need to consider installing Melbourne outdoor blinds at your property. This will offer you the right level of privacy and protection while getting an attractive looking outdoor space. You will get a perfect place where you can relax so that any kind of weather changes will not interrupt your enjoyment. Outdoor blinds are the best way of dealing with the harsh weather conditions so that you and your family will remain comfortable and enjoyable.

Picking the best outdoor blinds in melbourne might be a simple addition to your home, but it offers a large number of benefits as you will get an appealing and inviting property with the blinds installation. It is an affordable option that helps in adding curb appeal and attractiveness to your property as it is the best kind of option that can be installed at your outdoor space. Along with increasing the beauty of your outdoor space, the blinds can also enhance the energy efficiency of your property so that you will get the most attractive option. You will not have to worry about heat loss, because these blinds will make sure that your interior space will remain comfortable all through the year. Outdoor blind is an outdoor structure that is especially designed for protecting your interiors from all kind of dangers and threats. This is also a durable and long lasting option for your home that can be installed at your outdoor space so that you will get an additional space for outdoor entertainment. The installation of outdoor blinds is considered as an aesthetically pleasing option that helps in making a style statement. You will get higher level of flexibility with the installation of these blinds so that you can use them for a large number of applications and benefits.

Outdoor blinds are the most affordable option for your home so that you can make your space usable and ensure that the overall value of your property will be enhanced. You will get many designs and styles of the outdoor blinds that you can select for ensuring that you will get the most visually appealing option for your home.

Australian Bush Tucker Guide


You probably heard the term Australian bush tucker quite a few times and wondered what it was all about. In a nutshell, Australian bush tucker food is native Aboriginal cuisine that mainly consists of easy to find local sources of fibre, protein, low sugar fruit, etc. Interestingly the cuisine hasn’t changed, and so much of what was available back then is eaten today. We’ve put together this quick and easy Australian bush tucker guide for anyone interested in trying something exotic. 

Witchetty Grub

The reason why we kicked this Australian bush tucker guide with mention of Witchetty grub is that it is the poster child of sorts of bush tucker cuisine. It is either roasted over coals or eaten raw. The nutty taste probably stems from the fact that the grub eats a mainly plant-based diet. However, as it turns out, Witchetty grub is rich in folate, calcium, niacin, and protein.

Green Ants

High in protein, fats Green Ants, are a popular choice amongst Australian bushmen. The slightly lemony tinge is an acquired taste. Most Australian bushmen will also eat the ant’s white larvae. Interestingly, the green ants and their larvae are also turned into a drink, which is said to relieve headaches.

Other Insects Eaten by Bushmen

Apart from the above Australian bushmen eat other insects like river red gum grub, tar vine caterpillars, cicadas, etc. The benefit of edible insects is that they are rich in protein. For instance, a caterpillar has around 280g of protein for every kilogram of weight. Now that’s around 20g more than salmon, and they (caterpillars) don’t taste that bad either.

Vegetables and Fruits

While many Australian bush tucker guides will focus a lot on insects, since they are what represent this cuisine, what many people don’t know is that bushmen also consume a lot of vegetables and fruits.

No bush tucker diet is complete without servings of quandong either dried or fresh, also turned into jams. Kakadu plums are another staple and contain over 100 times the amounts of Vitamin C as compared to oranges.

Other fruits that are part of the bush tucker diet are native gooseberries, kutjera, lady apple, wild passionfruit, snowberry, Davidson’s plum, and desert lime.

Vegetables like bush potatoes, warrigal greens, yams, and sea celery comprise a major portion of the bush tucker diet. These vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, iron, Vitamin C, and A along with proteins.

Seeds and Nuts

Australian bush tucker food has generous helpings of seeds like wattle seeds, ad mulga seeds. These require some soaking, before being pounded down and baked. It is a ritual that’s been used for thousands of years to remove all the toxins from the seeds, making them safe for consumption.

Pigweed plant seeds and cycad palm seeds are often turned into cakes and bread. The bunya nut, on the other hand, is eaten either raw, or it is cooked on hot coals. It is also turned into a paste and generally fed to kids.

Australian bush tucker food has stood the test of time for over 60,000 years. It signifies the symbiotic relationship between man and nature. It is, after all, about living off the land.

Whats up Downunder Competition


What’s Up Downunder is at it again with a new competition – the Generate Your Adventure Competition of 2020 where you have the chance to win an outdoor caravan worth $79,000 and many other prizes.

The competition is available to all Australian residents who are 18 years old or over.

To enter the Down-Under competition you need to visit the competition website and complete the entry form. You can read all of the information requirements at whatsupdownunder.com.au

The competition begins on the 11th of April 2020 and will conclude on the 31 December, 2020. The prizes will be drawn at random based on the entrants into the competition.

Whats up Downunder Competition Prizes

This years competition has a major prize and 10 minor prizes. The Downunder major prize is a MY20 Xtreme Utility Bunk Combo Toy Hauler and a Yamaha Generator EF2200iS 2.2 kVA generator.

The minor prizes are are a prize pack which includes a RAM Pack Marine sports bag, aurora camping lantern, pack of playing cards, beach towel, and cap.

Down Under Competition period

The What’s Up Downunder Generate Your Adventure Competition 2020 runs from 11 April, 2020 until 31 December, 2020 at 11:59 PM AEDST.

Winners and competition results

The draw will be made on 4 January, 2021. Winners will be notified by email or phone by Whats Up Downunder.

Who is Whats Up Downunder?

Whats Up Downunder is an Australian outdoor travel tv show on free to air television. The Down Under team show viewers everything you need to know about camping and caravanning in the Australian outdoors so you can get out and experience our beautiful scenery and Australian wildlife.

You can check out Whats Up Downunder on their website or by watching the show on Channel 10.

Native Flora of Australia


Australia has a beautiful mix of flora adapted to the varied ecosystems present. From hardy desert flora which can survive the most arid conditions to frost resistant shrubbery and tropical plants situated in the rain forests of Far North Queensland, you can find plants, trees and bushes which are capable of surviving and thriving in all conditions. Here are some of the most prevalent and unique Australian flora which captivates loves of all thing flora:

Eucalyptus Nicholii – Narrow-leafed Peppermint

Eucalyptus Nicholii – Narrow-leafed Peppermint

A popular and most attractive ornamental eucalypt from the New England area of NSW that is grown extensively throughout Australia and overseas. The small thin grey-green foliage and the pendulous branches can make for a most handsome tree growing to around 20m high in good conditions. Nicholii is suited to most soil types including poor soils, adapts to most climates and is frost tolerant down to around -7°C. White flowers are seen in Autumn and the bark is a fibrous grey-brown. It’s one of the most popular and best known of Australia’s Eucalypts and has been grown as a garden specimen for decades. It’s also a good shade tree.

Melaleuca lateritia – Robin Redbreast Bush

Melaleuca lateritia – Robin Redbreast Bush

This Melaleuca has orange-red bottlebrush like flowers seen in summer and at other times of the year. The flowers grow to around 8cm long. It’s a shrub to about 1.5 metres high and 1 metre wide that responds well to a light trim promoting bushiness. Melaleuca lateritia is a hardy plant in most soils and climates appreciating full sun and accepting of mild frosts. It originates in Western Australia but adapts well in Eastern Australia. It’s an attractive plant that will attract birds to the garden. We have found that it likes wet soil too.

Hakea Salicifolia – Willow Leaf Hakea

Hakea Salicifolia – Willow Leaf Hakea

This is a fast growing shrub with white flowers along the stems in spring. Its a bushy shrub, ideal for screening reaching about 5 metres high. Leaves grow to about 12cm long and new growth has a pleasant rose colouring. Hakea salicifolia is a very hardy plant in most soils preferring full sun and accepting of part shade. Its native to NSW and Queensland but is easily grown all around Australia.   

Philotheca myoporoides – Long-Leaf Wax Flower ( Syn Eriostemon myoporoides)

Philotheca myoporoides – Long-Leaf Wax Flower

A wonderful small shrub with pink buds and white star flowers in winter or spring. Usually forms a rounded shrub of variable height and width from 1 to 2 metres suitable for informal hedges or low screens. This is a very hardy plant in reasonably well-drained soil thriving in full-sun but also accepting of some shade. Its tolerant of frost down to around zero degrees Celsius and suitable for coastal areas as well. The flowers and foliage are suitable for use in vases and floral arrangements.

Grevillea Flora Mason

Grevillea Flora Mason

This wonderful Grevillea produces masses of flowers coloured lemon, apricot and soft pink from late Autumn to Mid-Spring. It has fine pleasant foliage and grows to around 2 metres high and wide. It accepts a range of climates and soils including frost to -7oC, alkaline conditions, full sun and part shade, coastal sites, clay and sand. Flora Mason is a bushy shrub that can be trimmed to shape. The name comes from the late Flora Mason who was a very keen native plant grower and collector from South Australia.  

Melaeuca nesophila – Showy Honey Nyrtle

Melaeuca nesophila – Showy Honey Nyrtle

This would have to be one of the nicest Melaleucas. The contrast and combination of the pinkish/purple flower heads, the deep green shiny foliage and the light coloured almost smooth paper-bark makes this an excellent plant for the garden. The beautiful flowers are borne terminally and are about 3cm in diameter. We’ve found that it grows very well near the coast and also well inland where we are. Nesophila performs well in both wet and well drained soils reaching around 3 to 4 metres high and 3m wide. It’s a suitably attractive shrub to use as a feature in the garden and is also a useful screening plant that grows quickly. It’s salt tolerant and frost resistant down to around -7oC. It originates in Western Australia adapting well in most areas including the tropics.

Kunzea baxteri – Scarlet Kunzea

Kunzea baxteri – Scarlet Kunzea

This great Australian shrub has brilliant red, oval bottlebrush type flowers with gold tips that occur in spring and summer that are extremely attractive. The flowers and fruits are very popular with birds and especially parrots. The leaves are small, soft, fine and an attractive bright green which enhance the beauty of the plant. It’s an open spreading plant which will grow to around 3 metres tall and wide in good conditions and is one of the most floriferous of the Kunzea genus. It has proved very popular with gardeners over the years and is quite easy to grow. Originating in Western Australia, this is a hardy shrub that grows well in most areas preferring well-drained soil and full sun or some shade. It may take several years to flower but in that time will grow into a generous sized plant. Regular pruning will promote flowering and help to retain a desirable shape. It’s frost tolerant down to around -7oC. We have grown them here at Branxton with little effort and great results.

The Ultimate List on Natives to Plant in your Garden


Australia has a wide range of unique native flora which are well suited to our climate and beautiful to behold. With strong drought tolerance and resistance to heat, you can grow a garden with native plant features which will require little maintenance to thrive and bring colour to your landscape.

Here’s out suggestions on some native plants which will fit well into your garden:

Leptospermum flavescens ‘Cardwell’

Leptospermum flavescens ‘Cardwell’

This is a small Tea Tree to around 1.5 metres high and wide that produces masses of white blooms in Spring. Its a very showy floral display so can be used as a feature plant or an informal hedge. It tends to have a rounded shape and appreciates free-draining soil and full sun or part shade. Its tolerant of light frosts and is suitable for coastal or inland areas. Mass plantings can look quite impressive.

Leptospermum polygalifolium – Tantoon – Yellow Tea-tree

Leptospermum polygalifolium – Tantoon – Yellow Tea-tree

A wide spread and popular garden shrub occurring naturally along a large area of Eastern Australia from southern NSW to far North Queensland. Tantoon is a variable shrub from 1 to 3 metres wide and 3 to 4 metres high. It’s a fast growing shrub ideal for screening. The light green leaves are small to around 8mm long and slightly aromatic. The white flowers grow to 2cm in diameter and often borne profusely in spring and summer. It’s suitable for most soils requiring water during dry periods and suited to a wide range of climates including tropical and cool zones. Polygalifolium often forms a rounded shrub with coppery coloured new growth and the flowers are suitable for floral displays.

Alpinia coerulea – Native Ginger

Alpinia coerulea – Native Ginger

The Native Ginger produces wonderful white flowers in terminal influences throughout the year followed by attractive blue rounded fruits. Both the fruit and the young tips have a distinct ginger flavour and were eaten by indigenous people. This is a good plant for shaded areas and indoor use forming a clump and has large glossy leaves rising on fleshy stems to around 1.5 metres high. This plant prefers warm regions and ample water in dry times. This is a very useful plant in landscaping, for around pools and for use in pots and containers. It’s a very hardy plant when given some water, shade and protection from wind and extreme conditions.

Eucalyptus Cinerea- Argyle Apple

Eucalyptus Cinerea- Argyle Apple

This is a popular small tree with distinctive silvery-blue foliage providing a striking contrast in gardens. It often only grows to about 7 or 8 metres high, but can reach 15 metres or more in ideal conditions. It’s ideal for small yards or for use as a street tree. Florists often use the juvenile foliage for arrangements as the stem clasping leaves are quite stunning in colour and form. Cinerea is found naturally in cold areas of NSW and Victoria around Bathurst and Beechworth and is therefore suited to cold climates and dislikes saline soils. It often has a low branching habit and rough, brown, fibrous bark. This is a hardy tree in most areas requiring some moisture and is suitable for clay soils.

Correa Alba – White Correa

Correa Alba – White Correa

This is a small shrub to about 1 metre high and slightly wider. It has very attractive white star flowers ith a hint of pink in the centre to around 3cm wide, produced predominately through winter and spring but are sometimes seen at other times of the year. The leaves are blue green with a furry texture and are round in shape. The white Correa flowers best in full sun but will also tolerate shade. It prefers well drained soil, is salt tolerant and therefore ideal for coastal areas and is resistant to light frosts. This is a hardy plant with attractive flowers suitable for the vase. 

Backhousia Citriodora – Lemon Ironwood – Lemon Myrtle

Backhousia Citriodora – Lemon Ironwood – Lemon Myrtle

This is one of those plants that’s a pleasure to have in the garden with its wonderful pungent lemon fragrance. The fluffy white flowers occur through summer and autumn and emit a delightful lemon perfume in the evenings. The leaves are also highly fragrant when crushed and are used commercially to extract the lemon flavour. The leaves contain high amounts of citral and can be used to flavour a wide variety of foods such as soups, desserts, breads, fish recipes and teas. It’s a small tree or shrub growing to between 3 and 8 metres high and useful for screening or as a street tree. Originating in Queensland, the Lemon Myrtle prefers a rich soil with ample water and will perform well in most areas with minimal frosts. The shiny foliage and fine white flowers make this a wonderful tree to use as a feature with the added benefit of lemon fragrance through your garden.  

Crinum Pedunculatum – Swamp Lily

Crinum Pedunculatum – Swamp Lily

The Swamp Lily is a striking plant that produces large fragrant white spider flowers to 10cm across in summer and autumn. It’s a hardy perennial accepting of wet soils, part-shade or full sun with large strap-like fleshy green leaves to up to 2 metres long. It enjoys a moist position and coastal areas accruing naturally from Newcastle NSW in the south into Queensland and is also found in New Guinea and on Pacific Islands. This is a large plant that can be 2 metres wide and high or rarely more and has a striking appearance making it ideal for use as a feature plant. It’s tolerant of salt winds and looks well around pools and dams. It can be used in containers and grows well under trees.

Correa reflexa – Native Fuchsia

Correa reflexa – Native Fuchsia

This is a small shrub to 1 metre or so high and wide but often smaller. It produces beautiful red bell flowers with green tips in winter and has attractive small rounded leaves. It likes well-drained soil and part shade of full sun and occurs naturally in all eastern states as well as South Australia and Tasmania. It will tolerate light frost as well as coastal sites and the pleasant flowers can be used in floral arrangements. Correa reflexa is a fast growing and reliable garden plant that will also grow very nicely in containers.

Everything you need to know about Willie Wagtails


The Willie Wagtail is the largest of the fantail species in Australia. Extremely successful as a species, the population is thriving and listed as “Least Concern” as its conservation status.

The Willie Wagtails plumage is a contrasting design with black upperparts and white underbelly, with both the male and female varieties having a similar design.

Willy Wag Tail vs Willie Wagtail?

The Willie Wagtail is often spelled incorrectly as “Willy Wag Tail”. The correct spelling is Willie Wagtail or its binomial name of “Rhipidura Leucophrys”. Due to the common interchangeability of the names however you will see this misspelling used often in informal or news publications.

Where can Willie Wagtails be found?

The Willie Wagtail is found across mainland Australia, except for a small section of Western Australia’s north-west. They are also not present at all currently on Tasmania.

The Willie Wagtail prefers open space environments, from woodlands, plains, wetlands and metropolitan areas. They have very little if any presence in dense forests such as plantation forests or rainforests due to the reduced ability to sight their food (insects) and increased chances of predation.

Generally solitary or in mating pairs, you will sometimes see the Willy Wagtail in flocks during winter months.

Willie Wagtails Diet

Willie Wagtails are insectivorous living off a diet of insects found from foraging on the ground. Their name comes from this foraging activity where they can be seen walking with their tail wagging side to side.

It’s common for the Willie Wagtail to form symbiotic relationships with farm animals, especially cattle where they can be seen perched on their backs. Cattle and their dung will often attract insects which the Wagtails will then be able to eat, which in turn reduces the amount of insects and pests which can cause distress to cattle.

How do Willie Wagtails live?

Willie Wagtails are nesting birds, weaving tightly woven grass nests which they rest on horizontal branches in treetops. These nests are intricate and designed to survive multiple seasons, with internal soft layers of hair, fur and even covered in spiders webs if available to help strengthen the nest. Willie Wagtails will repair their nests and if they degrade beyond repair, will rebuild their nests recycling the old materials to build the new nest.

Willie Wagtails lay speckled eggs, with a primary cream colour with grey/brown speckles. The birds are raised until the next season of eggs hatching at which point they will be forced out of the nest by the parents. A season for raising chicks can be as little as three months, or as long as nine months depending on the weather and food availability.

Willie Wagtails mate for life and both parents will assist in the raising of their young.

Protective of their territory, Wagtails will defend their territory from other birds and swoop potential predators. Willie Wagtails are well adapted to living around humans and will rarely see them as a threat. It isn’t uncommon to have scenarios where a Willie Wagtails will follow you while you walk around!

Willie Wagtail night call                     

The Willie Wagtail has a distinct night call which can be a nuisance if they take up residence near your bedroom in a nearby tree. The night call will often be heard during moonlit nights and during the August to February breeding season. The purpose of the Wagtails night call is to sound out its territory warding off competing Wagtails. Willie Wagtails will normally do their night call away from their nest but in the general area, this is thought to be done to avoid alerting predators to where their young are located.

If you’re suffering from the nuisance of a persistent Willie Wagtail night call there is limited solutions as it’s a common recurring pattern that all Wagtails do. Even if their nest were moved (and we highly recommend against this), as soon as the space is available a new Wagtail will take up residence in the now vacated space. The best thing to do is either look into sound mitigating options like double glazing windows or moving where you sleep.