Range extension of the Little Forest Bat Vespadelus vulturnus

(Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae)

Australian Journal of Zoology 30:392-392...

The little forest bat which is common throughout southeastern Australia appears to have extended its range into Queensland.

During a recent fauna survey of the Idalia National Park in central western Queensland, 24 females and 23 males were captured. Idalia National Park is within the semi-arid zone and finding this bat species was unexpected as it is has previously been found in forested areas.

Whether it also exists in the area between this park and known habitat is not known. Based on measurements of their forearm length, these bats are the smallest mammals in Australia.

The third feature that reduces noise is the trailing edge of the wings, likened to the fringe on a scarf. Without this, the airflow would create a sound like a flute. In fact, the owl is not silent but the major noise generated is very low frequency which is not heard by its prey. It is hoped that by understanding the owl, aircraft noise can be reduced.