Possums and Gliders

This collection of marsupials includes 26 animals from six different Families. All are arboreal and have adaptations for this lifestyle.

Features: agile climbers, mostly nocturnal

Diet: members of each Family eat some of the following:
insects under tree bark, tree sap, nectar, honeydew, pollen, fruits, acacia gum, small animals, leaves, bird eggs

Family Acrobatidae

Feathertail Glider

Diet: eats insects, pollen, nectar

Number of species: 1

Family Tarsipes

Honey Possum

Number of species: 1

Family Phalangeridae

Diet: leaves, fruit, flowers

Within this Family there are three groupings :

Brush-tailed Possums

Number of species: 2

Scaly-tailed Possum

Number of species: 1


Number of species: 2

Family Petauridae

Gliding Possums

Number of species: 6

Family Pseudocheiridae

Diet: mainly leaves

This Family has two subdivisions :

Ringtail Possums

Number of species: 7

Greater Glider

Number of species: 1

Family Burramyidae