Bilby at Sydney Wildlife World


Family Peramelidae
SubFamily Thalacomyinae
Genus Macrotis large eared
Species lagotis


Common Names Greater Bilby
Rabbit-eared Bandicoot, Rabbit Bandicoot, Pinkie, Ninu, Walpajirri, Dalgyte
Nearest Relatives bandicoots
Size similar to a rabbit; male 2.5 kg; female about half the male
Features long rabbit-like ears; long nose, tail, and legs;
Habitat mulga shrublands, spinifex grassland, mitchell grassland
Distribution south-western Queensland, Northern Territory, north Western Australia - restricted
Status vulnerable to extinction; some captive breeding programs; plans to reestablish a colony in national parkland near Charleville, Qld.
Food insects and their larvae, seeds, bulbs, fruit, fungi
Lifestyle feed at night; rest in burrows during the day; live singly or in pairs


Frequency 1 or 2 young in each litter; may be 4 litters in a year in favourable conditions
Sexual Maturity 6 months